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How does it work?

Small sensors are attached to walls and items. They can talk to each other as well as speak with servers in the cloud. A digital copy of your physical business is recreated in a secure cloud environment.

Movement or interaction in your space triggers pre-programmed actions. You can literally build and run apps for the physical world around you


UWB Anchors with auto-mapping

Sensors attached to walls and powered by wires are called anchors. They use Ultra Wideband (UWB) time-of-flight technology to compute their relative position to each other and map the room automatically. These sensors also constantly communicate with the cloud over cellular networks, where inch-precise position of all the things using UWB tags is stored.


The living digital twin of your business

A digital copy of the entire building with the real-time position of all the assets, people, and vehicles is stored in the cloud. Precise coordinates as well as sensor data such as temperature, pressure, motion can be accessed programmatically using our APIs.


Program your world in JavaScript

Developers can create new generation apps using JavaScript to define actions when different objects move or interact with each other. Code is compiled and distributed remotely to all the sensors. Apps designed for one location can be easily installed and run on other spaces providing the same, consistent expiernce.


What are the applications?

With SpaceTimeOS, possibilities are endless. Some people build smart workplace applications reinventing offices, labs and factories. Some create the exact digital twins of their entire businesses and supply chains. Others combine physical world data and blend them with digital metaverses.


Kind of like a computer game, but real

The best analogy would be to imagine a computer game. The tiny units you see moving on the screen are, in fact, your co-workers. They collaborate, move assets, drive vehicles and virtually depict your business live and working.


Manual or automated assistance

You can help them by identifying bottlenecks, guiding their tasks or warning them about danger. You can do it manually or fully automate it with software apps.


Asset tracking

See inch-precise position of your key assets real-time. Program in JavaScript notifications or automations crafted for your business.


SpaceTimeOS installation process

Just place the anchors in the corners of the space you want to map and they will automatically create a digital copy with proper dimensions in the cloud. No Wi-Fi connectivity needed, no nothing. It just works like magic!

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