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Helm Personal Server

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Helm Personal Server

Online, on your terms.

At Helm, we believe you have the right to live life on your own terms — including when it’s online. That’s why we created a personal server that allows you to easily own and manage your online identity, starting with your email, calendars and contacts.

Helm allows you to take control of your online life and communicate with confidence—free from worries of surveillance, corporate oversight, or being caught up in the next massive online breach.

Simply connect Helm to your home network and start using it to
experience uncompromising personal privacy and security for your data. With Helm, you can feel safe and secure online wherever you are in the world, knowing your data is no longer “in the cloud” but right where it should be— with you.



Set up your own domain name or use one you already own. Have the freedom to use whatever username you want. Your email can be as individual and unique as you want it to be.



Helm requires no administration or management. Automatic software updates keep Helm patched against new security risks and continuously improve Helm’s capabilities with the latest features and services.



Helm is designed from the ground up to protect your data from hacking, government surveillance and corporate data mining. All of your data is encrypted and only you have the ability to decrypt it.


How it works

• 3 Minute Setup: Helm is set up easily and quickly out of the box using a mobile app: pick a domain, pair over Bluetooth, create your account, save recovery keys and set up your devices and any other users.

• Familiar and Secured Services: You can reach your email from anywhere in the world using mobile and desktop clients you are already using and are familiar with. Helm supports standard protocols like IMAP, SMTP, CardDAV and CalDAV and connections are secured with TLS using certificates from Let’s Encrypt.

• Massive Mailbox: Helm comes with 120GB of solid state storage. When you need more storage, it’s easy to add up to 5TB using an expansion slot.

• Encrypted Backups: Your emails, contacts and calendar events are safely and automatically backed up offsite using our service. Your backups are securely encrypted with a key that only you have so only you can decrypt your data.


Dimensions :​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ 4.375" x 7.125" x 5.125" 

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