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SecuX XSEED Plus

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Create your stainless steel seed with precision to protect your assets against water, fire, and hacking threats.

Unhackable Offline Storage

Your recovery seed is backed up and stored offline, off the radar and out of reach from hackers and attackers on the internet.

Extra secure multiple backups

X-SEED offers storage for up to 8 wallets/ backup sets of 12 recovery words or 4 wallets/ backup sets of 24 recovery words.


Fireproof & Waterproof

Waterproof The engraved or stamped letters would not get damaged or washed away by water.

Fireproof 1.5mm extremely durable Stainless-steel sheets can resist fire and temperature as high as 2649 °F / 1454 °C.



You can stamp English letters with a hammer and steel punch set to record your recovery words.


Items included

• Stainless steel seed x3
• Aluminum seed x1
• Bespoke card holder
• Steel letter punch set
• Engraver pen• Tamper-proof stickers

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