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Xiaomi Smartmi PM2.5 Detector

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The breath at the moment is visible and peace of mind.
Compact and portable | real-time accurate detection | long standby | HD screen display


Focus on the small environment around you and accurately detect the
air condition at your fingertips.

Air quality forecast, scattered points, can not reflect local air conditions. Even if the forecast is healthy, the small environment in which we live, such as the home, the car, and the shopping mall, may be seriously polluted by tail gas/secondhand smoke. We should monitor the time and take timely measures. The Zhimi PM2.5 detector makes the invisible tiny particles look like nothing, so that every breath is in the heart.

Different scenes can be used to remind the green / orange / red three-color digital indicator

When the green light is on, the air quality is excellent, suitable for outdoor activities; when orange appears, it indicates that the air is slightly polluted, sensitive people should open the purifier; when the red warning, air/severe pollution, please open the purifier or take other protective measures

Round and delicate grip, excellent seconds, home travel essential love pet
The body is made of ABS material, pure white injection molding, and the skin is as delicate and delicate. At the same time, the ridges and sharp corners of the hand are removed, and the shape is round and soft, delicate and cute.



Material: ABS material

Rated voltage : DC5V/1A
Rated power : 3W
Battery capacity : 950mAh ESD

Package Includes 1 Xiaomi Zhimi PM2.5 Detector

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