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Helm Personal Server V2

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Helm is a personal server that lives where you do.

Helm allows you to control the data you want. Engineered for privacy and designed for simplicity, Helm is the new foundation for your life online.


Take control of your personal information

Easily move your data out of the cloud to your Helm, gaining both privacy and independence. With Helm, you retain full control over who can access your data.


Secure and protect your online life

Helm uses state-of-the-art security to protect your files, photos, emails, calendar, contacts, and more.


Privacy and security finally made simple

Installing Helm is a seamless process. Your personal server comes ready to use right out of the box, and it takes just five minutes to set up.


Break away from big tech.

Helm's suite of privacy-first services empower you to protect your personal information and reclaim control of your data. With Helm, you'll be free from surveillance, corporate oversight, or finding yourself caught in the next massive data breach.


Privacy by default and design.

Start taking back control with your email, the root of your online identity

Seamlessly encrypt all of your emails and files with a key protected by a hardware root of trust

Securely manage your Helm from anywhere using our proximity-based security


Introducing Helm Files

Powered by the open source project Nextcloud, Helm Files makes it easy to share, sync, and backup files and photos across all your devices. Additionally, your information is encrypted and backed up offsite, and accessible with encryption keys only you have.


Truly private email.

Email accounts are used to access every other online account. They are a trove of sensitive personal information: purchases, health history, travel destinations, relationships and more. Helm brings privacy back to email and your online life by bringing it under control at home.

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