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HTC Vive Pro 2

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Visualize in 5K clarity.

Dive into the creative depth. See, share and explore ideas in brilliant clarity. Bring out the finer details in VR games. 5K resolution turns everything in VR into visual feasts.


Expand your horizon.

Wide 120° horizontal field of view (FOV) expands the VR viewing experience. The increased angle better aligns with the human eyes, letting you see more naturally and comfortably.


Fast, smooth, ultimate in VR graphics.

Enjoy exceptional visual fluidity with 120Hz refresh rate. Experience graphics-intensive applications and games the way the creators intended.


Minimize eye fatigue. 

Adjustable interpupillary distance (IPD) for optimum viewing comfort. Easily find your sweet spot with the dial design while wearing the headset.


Ergonomic design for balance and comfort.

Industry-defining balanced construction and adjustability. A comfortable fit for VR sessions of any length and purpose. Suits a wide-range of head sizes and vision types, even glasses.


Submerge in high-quality sound.  

Hear VR environments the way they're meant to be heard. With 3D spatial sound integration and a powerful amplifier, the Hi-Res certified headphones deliver immersive soundscapes that will change your world.

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