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Pupil Core Eye Tracking

Pupil Core Eye Tracking

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Open and accessible.

Pupil Core is an eye tracking platform that is comprised of an open source software suite and a wearable eye tracking headset. Pupil Core is more than just a product, it is an open platform used by a global community of researchers. Venture into new areas of inquiry.


Adapt & Extend

Pupil Core is used for a diverse range of research purposes. The headset is modular, durable, and lightweight.

Use Pupil Core’s API to connect to other devices. Easily add custom features by writing a plugin in Python. Load plugins at runtime in the app.

Adapt our hardware and software to suit your needs. Build novel prototypes.


Support & Training

Need help getting up and running? Connect with the community or get help from an expert. Learn how to integrate eye tracking into your workflow.



Technical Specs & Performance

Gaze Accuracy





Pupil Tracking

Dark pupil with 3D model

Pupil Parameters

2D position
3D eye model parameters

Gaze Parameters

2D Gaze

Normalized 2D gaze position

3D Gaze

3D gaze rays + 3D gaze point through binocular vergence

Pupil Diameter

Relative size in eye camera pixels.
Absolute size in mm through 3D eye model


5 point calibration. Multiple calibration methods available. See documentation

Sampling Frequency

Eye Camera

200Hz @ 192x192px

World Camera



Camera Latency


Processing Latency

Depending on CPU
typically > 3ms

Slippage Compensation

Yes, through 3D eye model


Pupil and gaze and user data
Raw eye and world video


Pupil Core headsets connect via USB to your laptop or desktop computer running Pupil Core software. Pupil Capture desktop app enables data capture, recording, and real-time data relay via WiFi or LAN.
Please see network API documentation for more info.

Physical Properties


PA12 Nylon



Scene Camera FOV

Wide Angle Lens (Default)

1080p: 139°x83°
720p: 99°x53°
480p: 100°x74°

Narrow Angle Lens

1080p: 88°x54°
720p: 63°x37°
480p: 42°x32°

Sample Recording

Desktop Software

Pupil Capture: real time application
Pupil Player: post-hoc visualization and analysis. Download latest desktop software

What's in the box

Pupil Core Headset

USB-C to USB-A cable

Eye camera arm extenders

Silicone nose pads to accommodate a variety of wearers

Additional world camera lenses

(depending on configuration)

Minimum Requirements


Intel i5 or greater


8GB or more
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