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Teenage Engineering OP–Z Starter Set

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is a portable 16-track multimedia synthesizer and sequencer with a range of sample based and synthesis based sounds. the world’s first stand-alone sequencer of its kind that lets you sequence music, visuals, lights and more. this starter set includes both the OP–Z and the foldable M-1 headphones, perfect to use with the OP–Z in headset mode for voice/vocal sampling.


M-1 Personal Monitor 

foldable headphones with both detachable and built in microphones. 1200 mm audio cable with 3.5 mm 4-pole (trrs) plug connectors. M-1 is perfect for use with OP-Z in headset mode, for easy and convenient

voice sampling. the headphones are compatible with any audio gear with headphone output. they have two audio jacks, one on each side. the flexible boom mic and the audio cable can be connected to either.

you can also daisy-chain several headphones to share the listening experience. whether you are on a plane, train or a bus, you can now share your music making sessions with friends.

  •  frequency response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz (mic: 100 Hz - 10 kHz)
  •  driver sensitivity: 100 dB SPL ±3 dB @ 1 kHz
  •  driver impedance: 32 Ω


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