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Real-Time Posture Feedback

Use daily goals that are personalized and based on your performance to improve your posture. Monitor your daily posture stats and keep track of your progress over time and achieve your best self. Supplement your training with unlimited access to content designed to expand your training.


Tiny Device, Huge Impact

Upright encourages flexible movement, using real-time posture reminders Rather than ‘forced’ support, Upright allows your muscles to build healthy habits naturally and empowering you to stay upright even when not wearing the device.


Based on Biofeedback Science

We apply biofeedback science to create cognitive awareness that empowers behaviour change. Multiple studies conclude that using Upright devices results in positive health outcomes. Our users report improvement in several key areas related to back health from using our products.



The Upright app for iOS and Android syncs with your device allowing you to calibrate your posture trainer perfectly to your specific needs. The app offers training programs, goal setting, and daily stats to track and analyze progress.

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