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USB OTG Cable (Gift)

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This is a Micro USB Male to USB A Female cable which provides one Micro USB Male connector, and one USB A Female connector to create a simple way to connect mobile devices to a USB capable computer for every day tasks such as data synchronization and file transfers. It is compatible with Cellphones, GPS systems, PDAs, OTG devices, digital cameras, etc.

Micro USB 5 pin Male to USB 2.0 Female cable.
Adapter allows you to use standard USB devices with micro 5-pin oriented electronics.

This OTG Cable is standard Micro-USB host cable, it need Cell phone/GPS systems/PDAs/digital cameras/other device support usb host OTG function and have micro USB port.

Type: Adapter Cable
USB Type: USB 2.0
Compatible with: Cell Phone/GPS Systems/OTG devices/Tablets/Laptops/MP3/MP4/eReaders.

Package Includes:
1 x Micro USB Male to USB Female Converter OTG Adapter Cable

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