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Helios Touch Modular Lighting

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The worlds first modular and touch sensitive lighting system.


Modular, touch sensitive lighting.

Helios touch is a modular, touch sensitive wall light. Create any structure to suit your needs using the hexagonal magnetic tiles then simply turn on and off by touching.


Customize to your space.

Rapidly modular components equals a system that can be easily adapted to any scenario. Connect the tiles together using the magnetic edges to create a structure that best suits your interior. 


Swipe for light.

The interior architecture becomes the light source. Swipe the wall, illuminating the path of your touch for an engaging and tactile experience. Customize lighting levels to match the mood by only illuminating as many tiles as you need. 


Whats included : Starter pack

  • Power supply (with 2 metre cable)
  • -5 tile modules.
  • -International plug adaptors.
  • -10 Reusable wall mounting sticky pads.


*Each power supply can operate 65 light tiles


Whats included Expansion pack

-10 tile modules (no power supply)


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