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Teenage Engineering Rumble Module

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Feel the Beat

The Teenage Engineering Rumble is the second hardware expansion module for the OP-Z multimedia synth & sequencer. It is a built-in haptic subwoofer that uses high-def vibrotactile feedback and psychoacoustic technology that allows you to actually feel your music. The Rumble's frequency response 10-150 hz is designed to maximize impact while minimizing additional energy consumption.

  • ENABLES YOU TO FEEL YOUR BEATS - The ZM-2 Module has a haptic subwoofer that provides tactile rumble. It utilizes vibrotactile feedback and psychoacoustic technology to let you hear bass frequencies.
  • OFFERS ADJUSTABLE RUMBLE LEVELS - You can increase/decrease the output levels of the rumble. You can also turn it off completely by setting it to the lowest level.
  • PROVIDES A SILENT METRONOME - The additional feature makes sure you're fully aware where the beat is at OP-Z at all times. It helps keep you in time, especially during live performances.
  • PROVIDES MAXIMUM IMPACT - The 10Hz-150Hz frequency response increases the overall physical impact while minimizing energy consumption.
  • EASY TO INSTALL AND KEEP IN PLACE - Remove the OP-Z' backplate and replace the dummy module with ZM-2. Plus, Rumble's lock switch ensures the module is safely inside the OP-Z always.

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