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Ambi Climate 2

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Unique A.I. technology detects & analyzes multiple factors, learns your comfort and adjusts your air conditioner for peace of mind.


Did you think temperature is the only thing that controls your comfort? Think again. As found by numerous studies, thermal comfort is affected by 6 different factors – something that’s quite hard for us humans to easily monitor, or for old-fashioned AC remotes to sense and control.


Enter Ambi Climate

The one device to easily manage your thermal comfort. Our smart sensors measure the “other” factors of thermal comfort: humidity and sunlight; and we also collect online weather data to account for clothing, plus track the time of day to account for your metabolic cycle. This allows our A.I. engine to create your unique profile, which helps adjust your AC accordingly. Goodbye old remote, hello continuous personalized comfort!


Sleep Comfort

Do you find yourself constantly waking up cold? Our body temperature, as well as the external temperature, fluctuates throughout the night, normally becoming cooler towards morning; while our AC is usually set at the same temperature and doesn’t adjust to meet our needs.


Climate Change

Seasonal changes or sudden weather such as a thunderstorm or a spike in humidity may quickly jumble up our comfort and leave us confused, with our AC not able to track and quickly adjust to these situations. 


Always adjusting AC

Constantly adjusting your air conditioner to meet your needs can be quite frustrating - especially when it’s never just right.


Away mode

Away Mode allows you to adjust and maintain a heating, cooling or drying threshold; once you set those, just let Ambi Climate know if you’d like to keep the temperature above or below the desired temperature or the humidity below a certain level. Ambi Climate will only switch on the AC when it is needed to maintain the threshold - take the stress out of travelling or being away from home and let Ambi Climate manage everything.

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