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Teenage Engineering Oplab Module

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 The Teenage Engineering Oplab Module OP-Z Expander is a user-installable hardware expansion for the OP-Z synthesizer workstation. The Oplab Module adds MIDI and CV capability over four 1/8" jacks, allowing the OP-Z to directly communicate with external MIDI gear, modular synthesizers, Pocket Operators, and more.

Performers can use the OP-Z's sequencer to send control voltages or MIDI, and can receive MIDI or trigger inputs from external sources, expanding the OP-Z's potential into even farther uncharted


Key Features:

  • User-installable CV & MIDI expansion for the OP-Z.
  • Enables use of OP-Z to control modular synthesizers, MIDI devices, and more.
  • Includes 3.5mm to DIN MIDI adapter cable.
  • Offers MIDI In and out as well as Trig In and out.
  • Can be used to send Pocket Operator-style sync signals.

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