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Apogee Duet 3

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Legendary AD/DA and world-class analog components

To achieve pro-level sound quality, your audio interface needs top-quality AD/DA converters, rock-solid digital clocking, pristine-sounding analog circuitry, and thoughtfully engineered power management. The Duet 3 succeeds on all counts, enabling you to capture any source with maximum fidelity and letting you monitor and mix with true-to-life detail, depth, and dimensionality. Apogee has designed world-class digital and analog components for nearly 40 years, and the Duet 3 epitomizes their decades of innovation and expertise with best-in-class sound and performance.


Microphone preamps that can do it all

Drums, vocals, guitar, strings, brass — each source places unique demands on your mic preamp. You need a preamp that can do it all and capture the minute details of every performance. The Apogee Duet 3's mic preamps are engineered with the company's Advanced Stepped Gain Architecture, an analog circuit that dynamically optimizes across a 0–60dB gain range to provide exceptional bandwidth with the lowest possible distortion — even when you crank up the gain.

Hardware DSP offers zero-latency sound shaping right at the source

One of our favorite Duet 3 features here at Sweetwater is its onboard DSP, which enables you to shape your sound right at the input stage with zero latency. This audio interface comes with Apogee’s ECS Channel Strip, which includes superb-sounding EQ, compression, and saturation — all tuned to perfection by Bob Clearmountain. You also get Apogee Control 2 software for complete control of all of the Duet 3's functions and features, including the ECS Channel Strip, along with the Apogee Channel FX plug-in that allows you to adjust preamp gain, turn on phantom power, set monitor levels, and control and print ECS Channel Strip effects straight from your DAW.



  • Top-quality Apogee AD/DA conversion and digital clocking
  • Pristine analog circuitry and thoughtfully engineered power management
  • 2 world-class mic preamps with +60dB of gain, +48V phantom power, and Apogee's Advanced Stepped Gain Architecture
  • Redesigned breakout cable with 2 instrument inputs, 2 mic/line inputs, and 2 balanced outputs
  • Excellent-sounding headphones output
  • Onboard hardware DSP enables you to shape your sound right at the input stage with zero latency
  • Includes a hardware-accelerated version of Apogee's ECS Channel Strip
  • Convenient bus-powered design via the unit's USB-C port
  • Eye-grabbing contoured body topped with scratch-resistant gorilla glass
  • Includes a travel case


  • macOS: 10.14 Mojave or later (Apple silicon or Intel processor)
  • PC: Windows 10 Anniversary update or later

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